Born one rainy wet night, in a wet February, in the wet winter of 2008, in the Rain forest of the Pacific coast of Canada, in West Vancouver B.C. Wet Coast Records is the brain child of executive producer Ray Irvin.

Our commitment at Wet Coast Records is to promote honest recordings.
The music we record is intended for the discriminating listener who appreciates the style of performance and recording that is honest and deeply felt. We promote recordings that are live off the floor and this first recording is just that. Dedication to honest, in the moment performances of the very finiest artists is our calling.

Joani Taylor’s “In My Own Voice” is the first production of Wet Coast Records with every song of this Album being a first or second take, with all the musicians involved in listening to each other more than focusing on themselves, and totally connecting with us, the listener. We are very proud of Joani, and this Album and we are excited to produce more from this artist and others with your patronage. We know that if you enjoy this special product you will want to share what you have discovered with others and encourage them to purchase this music.

Ray Irvin
Wet Coast Records