Voice: Joani Taylor.
Conceived and CO-Produced this live recording. Sang and wrote the lyrics for all tunes except, Take 5, You are my Sunshine, and Compared to What. Composed the melodies for Just let Go, Dance with Me, Photograph and Thank you for Loving Me . Sang her ass off literally, and is the best looking person in the band.
Great music is almost always a product of collaboration and the right ensemble of musicians. And that, is exactly what we had here!

Piano and B3 Organ: Bob Murphy.
Partner in crime and co-writer on Thank You For Loving Me, Dance With Me, Photograph, and Just Let Go. I met Bob when I was 16. and we have always had a very deep connection within the music. Bob is a powerful, soulful very emotional and innovative musician. Bob was also the Musical Director of this recording and played on all tunes.

Bassist: Miles Foxx Hill.
Colaborator in chief With over 400 album projects and a Juno award to his credit as a Bass player, composer, engineer and producer. Miles also co-wrote with Bob and I on Thank You For Loving Me, Dance With Me, Photograph, and Just Let Go. Miles is as completely versatile a bass player as they come, and an amazing lyrical soloist, with extreme talent and drive in everything he does. Miles engineered and Co-Produced this recording, and played on all tunes.

Drums: Buff Allen.
A Juno award winner,is exceptional with his magical array of textures and his total support of the entire band. Playing with Berni on Take 5. Buff is featured on Thank You for Loving Me, Who’s Gonna Hold Me Now, Lucky in Love, Peace Lullaby,Photograph and Jim’s Lament. A magnificent Jazz drummer and person!

Drums: Berni Arai.
A truly exceptional and powerful artist with his own unique style I was happy to have Berni join Buff on Take 5 and also play on Just Let Go, Dance With Me and Compared to What.

Guitar: Doug Stephenson.
Also a great Bassist, he is Consistently creative, Cool toned and subtle. Doug really gives a seductive and tight feel on the tracks he performed on. Hear him on Dance With Me and Compared to What.

Tenor Sax: Ross Taggart.
A juno winning multi instrumentalist, I had the great pleasure to record an album with Ross titled “A State of Grace”. I have worked with Ross playing both Piano & Sax, and we make a great team giving vocal master classes. Ross’s solos are melodic and a sweet salvation. He’s written melodies so beautiful, that I requested the chance to create some lyrics for them. Peace Lullaby, A State of Grace, Answer my Question just to name a few. On this Cd Ross is featured on Just Let Go, Take 5, Who’s Gonna Hold Me Now,Peace Lullaby, Dance With Me, Photograph and Compared to What.

Trumpet and Flugelhorn: Brad Turner.
A master interpreter, Brad is an Absolutely Beautiful multi award winning, and inspiring multi instrumentalist. Brad also performed on my Juno nominated C.D. “The Wall Street Sessions”. Here Brad is featured on 2 tunes, Jim’s Lament and Thank You For Loving Me.

Jack Duncan: Percussion.
Jack is a dynamic percussionist with over 30 albums to his credit. He shares his magic on 2 cuts here. Just Let Go and Thank You For Loving Me.

Emcee: Jay Kin.
With several CDs of his own and rappin’ since he was twelve, Jay Kin wrote and spit the soulful Rap on the first single on the Album, Take 5.