By Sharon Minemoto & Joani Taylor SOCAN

Within your eyes, I know a secret lies,
I see it there, I think you care
In my eyes too, a secret’s there for you
And of a love I’ve never told

Should we tell, or will it break the spell
Will we fly, or let love pass us by
A thousand flames, if spoken might betray
A secret love so beautiful

If only you would say how every night you pray
And how you wish that I could read your mind
I’d feel just like a bird, whose song is finally heard
A secret freed, from longing deep inside

But you play it cool, afraid to play the fool
But in your eyes, the secret lies
In oceans deep, my secret will keep
To know my heart is safe, but alone

Then you take my hand in yours,
And the secret you disclose
And in that moment, everything is new
And like a secret plan you place your finger on my hand
And you write I love you

The secret now, becomes a lovers vow
Long over due, this love so new
And now I see, It’s our destiny, to love
Until forever comes

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